After-hours, our Art Director, Alex Chennault, treats Eater LA’s Hot List as her personal to-do list, and openly jumps at any opportunity to mix good friends a specialty drink (or two) while whipping up a bite to eat in her Hollywood home.

We sat down while she played bartender and expertly plated 100% Hauliday-appropriate, vegan goodness.

Have you always enjoyed cooking, or is it something you developed over time?

I’ve always enjoyed cooking. I grew up helping my mom and stepdad with their catering business, but I really grew into cooking as a hobby when I became vegetarian (later vegan) and had to learn to feed myself differently. Now, I am happiest with beautiful, fresh ingredients in front of me ready to be transformed into a delicious meal.

What do you love most about hosting?

I love creating moments for people in anything I do, but especially when it involves the people I love. Hosting allows me to pull together all of my passions: creating beautiful things, making delicious food and drinks, and bringing together the people I care about most.

What has been your favorite spread or hosting moment?

My favorite spreads are picnics! I can’t wait for summer to come every year so I can get my friends together for a picnic—either in my backyard, or someplace beautiful like Malibu Wines or the Silverlake Meadow. There is something so satisfying about taking a wild assortment of ingredients and making a beautiful spread for everyone to enjoy.

What are your usual go-to dishes during the holidays?

Small bites are my favorite, or things that can be shared between people over a good cocktail and conversation. I love the variety of this crostini board! There is something for everybody to love; it’s so visually exciting you can’t wait to have a bite of each. Flatbreads are also so easy and enjoyable, and can be adapted to a variety of ingredients!

What’s your all-time favorite holiday cocktail?

I always enjoy a good bourbon Old Fashioned, but this Rosemary Paloma Spritz is such a great party drink. You can make it festive by adding some herbs and cranberries. It’s beautiful and delicious—you can’t ask for much more.

What’s a dish you are dying to make?

Anything I haven’t made yet! I browse Bon Appetit’s website for new ideas all the time. I’m always excited to make something new.  

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