We welcomed our #StyleHaulFam Ellie Thumann into Studio14 and asked her some questions you’ve been dying to know – all while challenging her to complete a braided hairstyle with no mirror! Find out everything from new things she’s working on to her favorite place to travel (and of course, how her hair turned out!).

Take a look at our video interview with Ellie and get an exclusive look at some bonus questions below:

What does a typical day look like for you?

A lot of school work, some sort of editing, and filming a video. I love getting coffee at some point in my day at lunch or while hanging out with a friend. Then spending time with my family for sure – we normally do dinner together. It kind of just varies on where I am – if I’m traveling or if I’m home. The biggest part is school.

What do you love about Arizona?

I love that it has my family. I feel like when I go home, that’s one of the only things I really like. My house and my dog and my family. Other than that, I’m not the biggest fan of it.

What do you love most about California?
I love the opportunity over here and everything you can do. There’s just so much and I feel like it has all the healthy food places and all the trendy stuff.

How do you balance modeling, school, and being a creator?
I feel like I’ve done it for so long that it’s just part of my daily routine, but I think I focus on school first. I get up and I’ll do that before anything and then I can do all the fun stuff after. If I don’t procrastinate and I just do it, I find myself having free time to be able to balance all three of them.

What do you do on your days off? (If you have any!)
I spend time with my sister and my family and see my friends because my schedule is kind of different since I have class at different times than usual.

What is your go-to fitness routine?
I like to run 2-miles on the treadmill, which is not fun, but I just started that & that’s been super motivating for me to get up and start my day. I also have a trainer that I go to, and the routine always varies. My favorite work out? Oh god, I hate them all!

Who in your life keeps you grounded and down to earth?
My mom and my sister both do. I just feel like home and it’s kinda like reality when I’m around them.

Where do you get your style inspo from?
Pinterest and different fashion Instagram accounts–I don’t have a specific person.

What do your Pinterest boards look like?
They are very apartment-inspired and include different places I want to travel, or pictures I want to recreate with my sister or my friends.

You can bring those Pinterest boards to life now that you have your own apartment!
Oh, I know! That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been buying everything and looking at my Pinterest.

Thanks again to Ellie for coming in, and let us know in the comments who we should interview next!

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