Alice Yuan, our Social Media Assistant, runs the Instagram account @thisbathroomtho, where she curates a photo stream of well-designed, really phenomenal bathrooms. We sat down with Alice this week and asked her tell us more about what moved her to start TBT, and why she loves bathrooms so damn much.

What inspired you to start the account?

I’ve always loved interior design – how the look of a room can be completely transformed by art, passion, and skill. A nicely designed space can be mesmerizing. It can build memories and bring people together.

In the summer of 2016 I was living and working in Shanghai. One afternoon I was having tea with a friend at Azul Tapas Lounge, a cute restaurant located in the heart of the French Concession. I remember, vividly, the moment I walked into their bathroom. It was a single stall with black tile, and it had the largest, most splendid bouquet of flowers hanging from the ceiling, right above the toilet. It was so grand and intricate I thought the tip of the bouquet was going to brush my head as I sat down. That was the first moment I thought to myself: Damn. Bathrooms can be so overlooked. Sure, #bathroomselfies are cute, but they never do beautiful bathrooms justice. I wanted to create an online community that features beautiful bathrooms with unique designs. And that’s how she came to life. ?

Where do you find images for your feed? Are they mostly regrams, or do you also post original content?

I do post original content, but I love regrams because the sole purpose of the account is to build a community of bathroom lovers. I look through our tagged photos, as well as #thisbathroomtho, when I’m sourcing assets for the feed.


Any special moments along the way?

One of the most meaningful moments I’ve had, hands down, is when 29Rooms opened in New York in the fall of 2017. One of the installations was designed by Austin artist/designer/transman/comedian Xavier Schipani – it was a school restroom and trans-safe space painted in green with illustrations and writings all over the walls and inside each stall. The entryway of the restroom said, “Every body welcome,” and inside each stall were recordings of people’s experiences with gender identity.

I was blown away. So many people struggle when it comes to finding an all inclusive restroom – figuring out which bathroom to go to, feeling humiliated because there isn’t a sanitary napkin receptacle, dealing with hate speech written in stalls. The installation challenged gender norms and gave a voice to those that have felt invisible for far too long.

When I regrammed Refinery29’s IG video of Schipani’s installation at 29Rooms, I thought about how grateful I am to have impactful content like this to post. It reminded me of why I love bathrooms. Bathrooms are beautiful, sure, but they also carry extremely important messages and concepts.


Dream bathroom?

(In order of importance!)

-Good lighting (natural + nighttime)

-Counter space

-Nice tub

-Big sink

-Pastel colors

It would pretty much look something like this: ?


What are your long term goals/hopes for TBT?

This Bathroom Tho is my passion project – not only do I love posting, but sourcing content for the feed gives me butterflies! My dream is to organize an exhibit here in Los Angeles, where I’d recreate everyone’s favorite bathrooms from the feed and make them into interactive stations. Stay tuned and follow @thisbathroomtho! Exciting things to come. ?⚡️

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