Kristen McGowan – design lover, YouTuber, and enthusiastic new member of the #StyleHaulFam  – sat down with us last week to discuss interiors, content creation, and what it’s been like transitioning from making the occasional guest appearance in her boyfriend’s videos, to being the boss lady of her own little corner of the internet. Here, below, is our chat.

  1. So, you’ve recently launched a virtual design series on your YouTube channel, where you re-do the interiors of your subscribers’ homes. What inspired the launch of the series & how do you see it evolving over time?

Yes, I did!! To be honest, I’ve been thinking about creating a design series ever since I started my channel. For nearly a year I circled my brain, trying to come up with an idea that would allow me to pursue my passion while also connecting with my audience. I started putting it out there on social media that I’d be more than happy to give people interior design advice, and my followers started DM-ing me photos of their rooms. Since the interest was clearly there, I came around to the idea of e-designing my subscribers’ spaces and featuring those designs in my YouTube videos. I’d love for this to evolve into a real-life endeavor – the ultimate would be transforming those interiors in real life!

  1. You have a background in design, and much of your content revolves around home-improvement. Are you constantly revamping your own spaces? Or is YouTube the perfect creative outlet, where you get to express your design skills without bulldozing your own home every 6 months? 😉

I’m constantly revamping the spaces in my home, especially for content purposes. Everything I show on my channel – DIY home decor, room makeovers – is stuff I genuinely love. YouTube just allows me to share my passion with more people who might see it, appreciate it, and get inspired by it!


  1. You started your own channel a year ago, after guest-starring (for lack of a better term!) in your boyfriend Christian DelGrosso’s videos. Was YouTube always an aspiration of yours? Or did the platform find you?

I would say YouTube definitely found me! When I was first getting into the design world, and dreamed about having a design show of my own. The first video I ever made was actually for an interior design position I was applying for. I was asked to submit a video about myself and about my passion for design. I found it so hard and scary to be on camera, but I got through it! Then, after being in so many of my boyfriend’s videos, his subscribers wanted to know more about me. They pretty much asked me to create a channel, so I listened!

  1. How has this past year of content-creation been? And what about your move from guest-star to full-blown creator? Has the transition been pretty seamless?

It’s been a huge learning year for me! Figuring out what kind of content my audience enjoys, but also sorting out what kind of content I enjoy making. That said, I’m thoroughly enjoying having full creative control. I’ve had to learn how to edit my own videos, but otherwise, it’s been a fun, exciting process!

  1. What’s next for you in terms of content? How do you see your channel growing & developing in the coming year?

I’m so excited for what’s to come. This new series has motivated me to really pursue my passion for home decor, and I can see my channel really growing to become the go-to place for affordable and accessible design ideas. I also understand that not everyone is interested in watching design videos, and would still love to create all sorts of other lifestyle content. I love baking, fashion, and beauty too!

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