Meet Nicole Royal, StyleHaul’s Social Media Editor, and the girl that gets asked, “Where’d you get that?” roughly 10x each day.  

Three words to describe your style:

Basics, comfortable, effortless.

What are your favorite colors to work with?

Neutrals – I rarely play with colors.

Style icon?

Jane Birkin.

Three fav IG style accounts:




Favorite item of clothing?

My studded leather jacket from Amuse Society (I just bought a second as a backup).

How do you accent an outfit?

With my leather jacket! Or a hat from Lack of Color.

How do you get ready in the morning?

I don’t plan outfits in advance, so I usually just stick with my uniform: basic t-shirt and grlfrnd denim!

And how long does it take you to get ready?

Depends if I have to do my hair – typically less than 40 minutes!

Why do you want to express yourself?

I had to wear a uniform growing up, so I was unable to express myself in school with my clothes. I was also constantly getting into trouble for trying to “accessorize” or modify my uniform. Now I get to express myself freely with fashion!

Where do you get inspiration from?

Typically from social media!

Philosophy on style?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable! If you’re constantly chasing trends, wearing clothes you feel awkward wearing, you’ll end up wasting money on stuff you won’t wear more than once. Trends move quickly, & it’s better to invest in pieces that are classic and timeless.

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