Kimber is wearing the Society T-Shirt // Divine Feminine T-Shirt // Amélie Wrap Skirt from the Conscious Outlet

Ararose is a UK-based, ethically-made clothing line, with a focus on self-love, female empowerment, and body positivity. The company (run by two amazing sisters who choose to remain anonymous) celebrates all types of beauty, and that #FemaleEmpowerment #FairFashion #ProFemale credo is reflected in their model choices, company policies, and their messaging. I love Ararose. I love their pieces and their overall mission. I encourage you to read the interview and then click over to their site and IG, because I’m pretty sure that you’ll love what they’re all about too. x, kimber

Q: Tell us a little bit about how Ararose came to be. When did you two start the brand and why did you start it?

A: Ararose was birthed primarily out of our desire to make a change in the fashion industry. In the beginning (2016), when it was simply an idea, our overriding motivation was to create a brand that uplifts women rather than make them feel as if they’re always on the periphery, being marginalized. After educating ourselves about the production side of the industry, we were driven to create a company in favor of ethical production, and to support the fair fashion movement.

Q: As someone who constantly struggles with insecurity (worst habit: comparing myself to others on social media), I love the work you’re doing to encourage female empowerment. How did this become such a big part of your brand’s message?

A: We’re well aware of the tremendous effect media plays on our psyche – especially social media – and we wanted to create an environment where women felt whole, encouraged, and inspired to be themselves. There is endless pressure to submit to the image we’ve been taught will make us happy; that will bring us success and attention. This type of programming can be destructive, and is something industries have utilized simply for profit.

We believe that if women are taught to value their self-born uniqueness and authenticity, that we might see a reduction in the anxiety, depression, and eating disorders that are so prevalent in the world.

Kimber is wearing the Society T-Shirt // Divine Feminine T-Shirt // Amélie Wrap Skirt from the Conscious Outlet

Q: You also work with a small scale clothing factory in Bangladesh that provides a fair living wage for workers, and a high-standard working environment. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

A: It’s been a fantastic experience, working with the factory in Bangladesh – especially because Bangladesh is a country notorious for slave labour. To know first hand that we’re not contributing to this definitely helps us feel as if we’re part of the movement that is revolutionizing the fashion industry. We’re currently researching the possibility of having our clothes made in the U.K., as it would reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. We’re inspired to make Ararose as clean and sustainable as possible, so organic fabrics will definitely be seen next season!

Q: You feature so many special, unique, strong women on your IG feed and on the site. How do you go about curating such a stellar group of ladies?

A: We started by approaching girls on the street and in cafes. Anyone who captured our attention; that had a unique energy that we felt wasn’t typically represented in the media, but that deserved to be. We’ve asked many strangers to represent our brand!

Kimber is wearing the Amélie Wrap Skirt from the Conscious Outlet

Q: You guys make shopping your site a really fun and fulfilling experience. Tell us a little bit about the Conscious Outlet and the Mirror Messages that you feature.

A: Our Conscious Outlet is where we sell discounted garments with small flaws that are still perfectly wearable. There’s so much waste in the industry today, and we’d like to make as little of it as possible. We named our outlet ‘Conscious’ to express how conscious we are with the choices we make regarding what we select for the outlet, but the name is also an expression of our little-waste policy. Customers should have the fair fashion bargains they deserve!

Our Mirror Messages are printed affirmations that we include with every purchase. In this fast-paced world, we’re all guilty of allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed or stressed – so we want women to take the time to acknowledge themselves with an empowering affirmation card. We hope that they’ll place the cards on their mirrors, or someplace where they can see them every morning. Words are an incredibly powerful tool; it’s time we use them to truly uplift one another and ourselves.

Q: Tell us 3 random facts about you guys! ?

A: We are both vegan. We’re from London but we spent some time living in Malaysia. Spirituality has captivated us, and we meditate every morning before starting the day.

Photos by Joellen Lu

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