“Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason: 1) it’s a great way to share and discover new and thrilling products/tools/snacks/media, and 2) there’s nothing more compelling than knowing what other people find compelling. Before Anything Else is our version of “Monthly Favorites,” and each month we feature a new person with a new perspective. This month’s BAE is Lucia Ayson, StyleHaul’s Associate Manager of Talent.

June’s been a great month for discovering new things and rediscovering old favorites! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately:

Fashion – I can’t believe it: I’ve succumbed to the dad shoe trend! I couldn’t afford the Balenciagas so instead I went for some Filas. IN PINK! They’re pretty comfortable and they have a 2-inch platform. (I’m 5’2” IRL, but 5’4” in my dad shoes!)

Beauty – I’m a sucker for that shining, shimmering, splendid look, and this month, I’ve been using Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prismatic Amethyst on the reg! It’s this gorgeous lavender color that looks incredible on the skin, especially when it hits light. I’m obsessed.

Food – Summer is finally here! When it’s warm out, I love anything that’s cool and refreshing, like the Pitaya bowl at Naturewell in Silver Lake. Best part? Pitaya reminds me of my travels in Asia. Oh, how I long to go back!

Music – So, when I was in middle school and high school, I was a huge fan of Aly & AJ’s music. They went MIA for roughly a decade, but now they’re back with a brand new EP called “Ten Years” that I haven’t stopped listening to since its release. I love a good throwback!

Pop Culture – Incredibles 2. I’ve waited FOURTEEN long years. No words!

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