Alice Yuan on Passion Project, This Bathroom Tho

Alice Yuan, our Social Media Assistant, runs the Instagram account @thisbathroomtho, where she curates a photo stream of well-designed, really phenomenal bathrooms. We sat down with Alice this week and asked her tell us more about what moved her to start TBT, and why she loves bathrooms so damn much.

Bali: A Scrapbook

Joellen Lu, our Senior Social Media Manager, took a 35-hour INSANE-but-totally-worth-it flight to Bali this summer, and came back with billions of beloved photos, food recs, hike recs, beach recs, and just a TON of genuine enthusiasm for Indonesia and its culture. Here, below, is Joellen’s bright, mega-inspiring scrapbook/travel guide. Enjoy it. It’s made with love, just for you. 🏝

Aeshia DeVore Branch, Pretty Girls Sweat

Aeshia DeVore Branch is the founder of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, a healthy lifestyle brand that makes fitness fun and affordable for women. She’s also the mastermind behind PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest ATLANTA, an annual fitness festival, SWEATlebrity Awards Show, and fundraising effort that benefits Sporty Girls Inc, Girls On The Run, Dance 411, and

#HaulTalk: “I’m Scared to Date”

#HaulTalk is our monthly advice column, where we help readers out with their everyday (and not-so everyday!) dilemmas + woes! Are you struggling? Do you need advice? Hit us up at!

Behind the Screen: Brittney Paulson, Art Director

Brittney Paulson is our in-house Art Director, and several times a year she helps conceptualizes and produce photo shoots for StyleHaul featuring the creator community. Here, Brittney talks to us about inspiration, creative vision, and what it really takes to execute a successful shoot.

Savannah Ward, Little Hawk Shop

For teacher-turned-thrifting goddess Savannah Ward, starting a one-woman Instagram shop wasn’t a play for extra cash, but rather, an attempt to give the people what they wanted. “The people,” AKA Savannah’s adoring followers, had been fawning over her thrifted apartment decor on social media for months.

Sunday Best

There’s something really simple and beautiful about Sunday. It’s the last day of the weekend, when time moves slightly slower; the blissful buffer day between that Saturday rager and the Monday morning snooze-button exhaustion loop.

Mexico City: A Photo Diary

Chiaki Samonte, our graphic designer, took a trip to Mexico City and captured it all with her trusty camera. The result? A vivid, evocative, collage of memories.

Ari Skye, Courage Bagels

When Ari Skye lost her job a couple of years ago, she found herself. She also found bagels.

Get OOO and Road-Trip Ireland in One Week

Everyone needs time off. Seems simple enough, and yet so many of us can’t escape the work grind long enough to find time for an adventure.