The Sneaker Trend Our Team is Crazy Over

“Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason: 1) it’s a great way to share and discover new and thrilling products/tools/snacks/media, and 2) there’s nothing more compelling than knowing what other people find compelling. Before Anything Else is our version of “Monthly Favorites,” and each month we feature a new person with a new perspective. This month’s BAE is Lucia Ayson, StyleHaul’s Associate Manager of Talent.

How to Find out If Your Raggedy Old Tee Is Worth $1,000

I’ve been collecting things my entire life. As a kid, I never took the packaging off of my toys or action figures because I was certain they’d be worth big bucks one day. Instead, I proudly displayed them around my room along with my other collectables: promotional soda cans, hot wheels, Goosebumps books and Star Wars memorabilia.

How One Sustainable Brand is Changing the Intimates Market

MADI Apparel is a sweatshop-free, locally made, sustainable intimates line with a buy one, give one business model. Here. below, MADI’s founder Hayley Santell talks to us about what inspired her to start her company, and what it takes to maintain it.

LA Office Style: What Your Work Look Says About You

Growing up, I always imagined I’d one day work a corporate gig like my mother. I’d wear blazers, slacks, pumps, and carry a shiny, brown briefcase. Watching my mom walk out of the door each morning in her nicest clothes - in pressed, clean, “professional” fabrics! - was crazy appealing to me.

This Broke College Student Turned Her Shopping Addiction into an Ethical Business

New Classics is a Canadian online shop that stocks, exclusively, ethically made fashion and beauty bits. Alyssa Lau, New Classics’ founder and owner, has a keen eye for timeless design and stocks pieces that are wearable, sustainable, and chic.

A Beginner’s Guide to Thrifting

In a world of fast fashion and "swipe to shop," there's something so refreshing about walking into a thrift store and being confronted by a sea of items in an array of prints, colors, styles, and sizes, all ranging in age from “gently-loved” to “fabric-so-old-it’s-practically-calcified.”

The One Item Our Social Media Editor Can’t Live Without

Meet Nicole Royal, StyleHaul’s Social Media Editor, and the girl that gets asked, “Where’d you get that?”

The ’90s Beauty Trend JoellenLove Can’t Get Enough Of

"Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason...

Fringe? For Coachella? Groundbreaking.

Coachella is basically the New York Fashion Week of the desert, minus the designers, models, and catwalk. Swap out Chanel shows for invite-only pool parties, and it’s still mostly all about just one thing: the clothes.

The Secret to Nailing Spring Layering

Layering up down for spring. Replacing flannels and outerwear layers with sheer mesh organza, vintage tees, mini overall skirts, and bell-sleeve camis.