DIY: UO-Inspired Wall Hanging (For Less)

Are you a frequent online lurker of the Urban Outfitters home store? Velvet couches! Quirky sketch art! So cute! But pricey, right?!

DIY: Gucci-Inspired Florals

Loud, bold, warm, exotic florals - that’s the new Gucci. It’s lush, crazy gorgeous, and hella pricey. We may not be able to drop $6500 on an embroidered denim jacket bedazzled with lilies and a flying cheetah, but we can sure as s%*t make a floral arrangement inspired by this season’s hottest, herbaceous trend.

How To: Glitter Roots

First time we posted this vid, the people responded with vitriol! Whatever. One girl's "glitter dandruff" is another girl's art.

Refresh Your Old Denim in These 2 Easy Steps

Natalie here with a confession: 3/4 of my closet I've never worn, and yet I STILL I feel bored with my wardrobe. Call it materialism, call it maximalism - I'm over it so I'm fixing it. This week I'm challenging myself to work with what I've got. Watch me transform my oldest, dingiest pair of jeans into something cute, smart, and wearable.