Daniel Smith, SFX Makeup Artist

Daniel Smith is an LA-based SFX makeup artist who has created incredible work for Disney, Buzzfeed, and Teen Vogue. This month, having committed to #31DaysofHalloween, Daniel is  posting a new scary look each day on his Instagram account.

Tips on Getting the Perfect Fro

Over the years I’ve tried countless hairstyles in an effort to get the perfect fro - braid-outs, twist-outs, bantu knots, wash n’ gos - but what I’ve discovered is that the styling method isn’t actually all that important. What is important is finding the right cut, and then finding the right products to maintain that desired style.

Before Anything Else: September

A little over three months ago, I embarked on a journey with Accutane. I’m now halfway through my treatment and am suddenly obsessed with skincare. Like really. The amount of money I spent on products after my last paycheck? Out of this world.

In the Crosshairs

Razors! Lasers! Tweezers! Hot wax!

Before Anything Else: August

“Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason: 1) it’s a great way to share and discover new and thrilling products/tools/snacks/media, and 2) there’s nothing more compelling than knowing what other people find compelling. Before Anything Else is our version of “Monthly Favorites,” and each month we feature a new person with a new perspective. This month’s BAE is Chiaki Samonte, our graphic designer.

The 48-Hour Beauty Regimen

Nicole Burt is our Director of Event Marketing, and her beauty regimen is so confusingly on-point - so flawless! - it straight-up scrambles my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply invested in this s#$t - I love an overpriced zit cream just as much as the next beauty editor. But Nicole Burt is next-level DEVOTED to upkeep. She’s a shiny blur of statement lips, gemstone nails, and reflective, pearlescent teeth. Who has the time - the stamina! - for that level of maintenance?

10 Ways to Look and Feel Great Without Makeup

I, Bubz, am 31-years-young, and you know what? I’m wearing less and less makeup these days. It’s partially laziness, partially busyness, but as a mother of two adorable, slightly monstrous little human beings, I now value sleep more than I do primping time.

Before Anything Else: July, Travel Prep Edition

Traveling is an expensive hobby of mine, but I’ve been guiltlessly devoted to it for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing more thrilling than exploring new places, facing the unknown, and temporarily living a life that’s not my own!

This Intense (But Worth It) Acne Treatment Helped Me Find My Self-Confidence

When I was in high school I had good skin. Not perfect - I’d get the occasional painful pimple that I’d pick at - but all in all, I was blessed with a relatively clear complexion.

Reclaiming My Beauty

I love Summer. I love the long days, the top-down drives, and the sweet melody of the ice-cream truck making its way down my street.