When Hairstylists Don’t Listen

From ages 17 to 27, I allowed one person to touch my hair: Paul, Master of the Effortless Blonde Locks. Paul and I were separated by a continent (I was in Oakland and he was in D.C., where my family lived), but I went home twice a year and each time I booked a cut. At 28 though, when my Saturn Return hit and I moved to LA, I was suddenly struck by the realization that I was an adult and that I should probably have a hairstylist in the state where I planned to die.

Product Feature: Hora

Hora Skin Care, a brand I discovered by luck/fate/algorithm whilst scrolling on Insta, is the ultimate super serum; jam-packed with Marine Collagen, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and powerful CBD.

Embracing the Monolid

One of my biggest insecurities growing up was the way that my eyes looked. I had a monolid, while all of my friends had round, lashy eyes with a crease.

Shop Feature: Glamifornia

Glamifornia, a luxury style lounge located in sunny, beach-side Malibu, is owned and operated by Terah Tidy, who has thoughtfully curated a staff of talented beauticians; each one able to tend to a specific grooming need.

Body Talk – Through the Looking Glass

I’m Kimber. I’m 28. And on most days I’m really happy.

But I’ve struggled with self-acceptance and the way I look for as long as I can remember. Living in Los Angeles – the town where all the beautiful people congregate – doesn’t help. But I can’t blame LA for my issues – I’ve had this “problem” for most of my life.

Shop Feature: Ararose

Ararose is a UK-based, ethically-made clothing line, with a focus on self-love, female empowerment, and body positivity. The company (run by two amazing sisters who choose to remain anonymous) celebrates all types of beauty, and that #FemaleEmpowerment #FairFashion #ProFemale credo is reflected in their model choices, company policies, and their messaging. I love Ararose. I love their pieces and their overall mission. I encourage you to read the interview and then click over to their site and IG, because I’m pretty sure that you’ll love what they’re all about too. x, kimber


Aside from the glow-inducing, hydrating, and nourishing effects of a fully fleshed-out skincare routine, I find performing this sort of ritual to be therapeutic and necessary for properly unwinding after a hectic day.

HQ Visit: Anese

Anese’s HQ - located in LA’s Arts District downtown - is a millennial’s dream: velvety furniture with creamy pink accents, a fiddle leaf fig plant (the hipster shrub du jour), and giant posters featuring product copy like That booty tho and F*ck bad vibes. It’s names like these that have put the cruelty-free skincare brand on the map.

How To: Glitter Roots

First time we posted this vid, the people responded with vitriol! Whatever. One girl's "glitter dandruff" is another girl's art.

Product Feature: Freck

Some of us at TheHaul are covered in freckles (Natalie), and some of us aren't. So when Joellen brought in a bottle of Freck (the freckle cosmetic) we had to try it. Natalie laughed while we painted our faces, but us freckle-free-ers loved the result. LOVED