10 Ways to Look and Feel Great Without Makeup

I, Bubz, am 31-years-young, and you know what? I’m wearing less and less makeup these days. It’s partially laziness, partially busyness, but as a mother of two adorable, slightly monstrous little human beings, I now value sleep more than I do primping time.

Before Anything Else: July, Travel Prep Edition

Traveling is an expensive hobby of mine, but I’ve been guiltlessly devoted to it for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing more thrilling than exploring new places, facing the unknown, and temporarily living a life that’s not my own!

This Intense (But Worth It) Acne Treatment Helped Me Find My Self-Confidence

When I was in high school I had good skin. Not perfect - I’d get the occasional painful pimple that I’d pick at - but all in all, I was blessed with a relatively clear complexion.

Reclaiming My Beauty

I love Summer. I love the long days, the top-down drives, and the sweet melody of the ice-cream truck making its way down my street.

Liah Yoo on Finding the “Right” Skincare

Liah Yoo is a self-described “Entrepreneur by day, YouTuber by night.” She makes super smart, ultra engaging, informative beauty content on YouTube, and has just launched her own skincare line, KraveBeauty. Below, Liah and I talk bad skin, great products, and how good hydration should be the minimum expectation of any decent regime.

When Hairstylists Don’t Listen

From ages 17 to 27, I allowed one person to touch my hair: Paul, Master of the Effortless Blonde Locks. Paul and I were separated by a continent (I was in Oakland and he was in D.C., where my family lived), but I went home twice a year and each time I booked a cut. At 28 though, when my Saturn Return hit and I moved to LA, I was suddenly struck by the realization that I was an adult and that I should probably have a hairstylist in the state where I planned to die.

Hora Skincare Founder on the Power of CBD

Hora Skin Care, a brand I discovered by luck/fate/algorithm whilst scrolling on Insta, is the ultimate super serum; jam-packed with Marine Collagen, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and powerful CBD.

Embracing the Monolid

One of my biggest insecurities growing up was the way that my eyes looked. I had a monolid, while all of my friends had round, lashy eyes with a crease.

Before Anything Else: April

"Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason...

Shop Feature: Glamifornia

Glamifornia, a luxury style lounge located in sunny, beach-side Malibu, is owned and operated by Terah Tidy, who has thoughtfully curated a staff of talented beauticians; each one able to tend to a specific grooming need.