Over the years I’ve tried countless hairstyles in an effort to get the perfect fro – braid-outs, twist-outs, bantu knots, wash n’ gos – but what I’ve discovered is that the styling method isn’t actually all that important. What is important is finding the right cut, and then finding the right products to maintain that desired style.

Being natural can be a lot of work if you allow it to be, but if you follow my tips you’ll be happy with your dramatically simplified curl routine and your flourishing fro!

Shape it Up

Your haircut plays a massive role in how your curls lie. If you’ve never had your hair shaped, I highly suggest you start there; a good cut is essential because hair without shape appears lifeless and lacks uniformity. Prior to my first natural cut, I spent so much time and energy picking, fluffing, and manipulating my fro just to get the kind of volume I desired. But now, no matter how I style it, it always looks great, and without any unnecessary manipulation.



Finding a Style

Finding the right style involves knowing what you want your hair to look like and then finding the easiest, most effective method of achieving that look. If you’ve watched my Signature Fro video, then you know that my go-to style is a twist & curl method that involves twisting the hair and then wrapping the twist around a perm rod. This works for me, but when searching for the right styling method for you, I recommend considering how much time you’re able to allot to upkeep. A perm-rod set, for example, can take nearly an hour to complete, so if you’re short on time, a twist-out might be a better choice.


Products + Definition vs. Volume

Without a doubt, products play a major role in how hair looks and behaves. I prefer volume over definition, so I always start by styling my hair while it’s damp – almost dry! – opting for creamier, lightweight products like hair puddings, custards, and curling creams, which give a lighter, softer hold. If you prefer your hair to be more defined, start on wet hair and use a gel on top of a cream. Keep in mind that the more defined your hair is, the more shrinkage you may have, and conversely, if you opt for volume, know that you’ll have less definition which will shorten the life of your style. Because I favor voluminous hair, I have to refresh my curls a lot between wash days.

Speaking of wash days, clean hair is imperative for maintaining great style. If you’ve had your fro cut and it still looks dull and lifeless, then you might have product build-up. To ensure that it’s thoroughly clean, shampoo your hair weekly, and each time you shampoo, do it twice. Deep conditioning is also a crucial step. I deep treat my hair once a week with a moisturizing mask.


Style Maintenance + Preservation

So, you’ve had your hair shaped, you’ve found the perfect style and products, but how do you maintain your fro between washes?

Style preservation is key, but everyone’s hair will require different levels of maintenance. As a general rule, you should be moisturizing your hair every day (it’s the key to hair health and keeping your style on-point!). For some curlies, simply spritzing with water and adding a little bit of product is enough to do the trick.

And what about bedhead? Pineappling (securing the hair loosely at the top of the head) is a great way to prevent it – but it works best on longer hairstyles. For those with short hair, I suggest banding 3-5 sections of hair with a satin scrunchy. These methods not only protect and preserve your style, but stretch the hair as well. And who doesn’t love a little elongation?


Get to Know Your Hair

No two heads are alike, so I want to stress the importance of getting to know your own texture. Understand the science behind curls, because things like porosity level, strand thickness, and hair density matter! Luckily, there’s plenty of information online that will help you navigate your hair journey.

Enjoy the ride, friends! Trust the process, learn valuable info along the way, and don’t forget to share what you learn with your fellow curl-lovers!

X, Kia

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