Nicole Burt is our Director of Event Marketing, and her beauty regimen is so confusingly on-point – so flawless! – it straight-up scrambles my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply invested in this s#$t – I love an overpriced zit cream just as much as the next beauty editor. But Nicole Burt is next-level DEVOTED to upkeep. She’s a shiny blur of statement lips, gemstone nails, and reflective, pearlescent teeth. Who has the time – the stamina! – for that level of maintenance?

I’ve been begging Burt to let me feature her on The Haul since our launch earlier this year, and this week she finally gave me the go ahead to ask her a billion questions about her beauty game. Keep reading for an animated, enthusiastic exchange re: her bi-monthly hair appointments, her gel manicures, and her six (yes six!) – dates per year with her dentist/orthodontist.

Lauren Strasnick: So, I do what I can, but as we all know, I come to work makeup-less, get a manicure once a year, cut my own hair, and can barely remember to shave. Walk me through your beauty routine and give me specifics: what does it take to be you?

Nicole Burt: Therapy.

Lauren: Lies! You don’t even go to therapy!

Nicole: Ha, true! Well, I’ve always had what I refer to as “maintenance days.” My Saturdays are filled with various beauty chores involving hair, nails, brows, skin, oral health, body care, and fitness.

Lauren: Alright but, before we dive deep – can we roll it back to my fave topic, skincare? A little bird told me that you moisturize your face with cocoa butter. As a person with wildly breakout-prone skin, this fills me with deep envy.

Nicole: Honestly, I’m ridiculous and spend way too much time on my skin. In the morning I wash my face using a cleanser and really massage it in. If it’s a scrub day, I layer my scrub on top of my cleanser and after a few minutes, I rinse everything off. Then I go over my face with micellar water just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Then I shower, and after my shower, I apply toner, eye cream, moisturizer, primer, and an anti-wrinkle cream.

Once a week I do a clay mask, a lip scrub, and a lip mask. I usually do this pre-shower, and then let the steam from the shower bake my face before rinsing everything off.

My nighttime routine is relatively simple because I’m super lazy and turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes 10. So first thing I do when I get home at night is I take off all my makeup. Then I wash my face with baby shampoo. It’s a little trick a pediatrician shared with me! It’s mild and doesn’t strip your skin. After that, if I still have the energy, I’ll do a sheet mask. And yes, for the finale, I apply cocoa butter to my face. It’s a habit I picked up from my mom! I look a little crazy before going to bed but by the time I wake up, it’s completely absorbed and my face has a natural glow.

Lauren: Your skin is flawless. Flawless! But If I did that much to my face I’d break out in a thousand angry pimples. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A ZIT?!

Nicole: Um, maybe like once or twice.

Lauren: You’re killing me.

Nicole: I don’t really get them.

Lauren: Burt!

Nicole: I’ve had severe eczema my whole life (s/o to Aquaphor!). God owes me.

Lauren: Lolz, okay, enough about your poreless complexion. Walk me through the rest of your regimen.

Nicole: Well, I love my hairstylist. I’ve been with her since college! I see her every other weekend, and now that my hair’s short it’s become even more important that I stick to my schedule because my hair grows really fast. As for the rest, every 4-6 weeks I have my eyebrows waxed and tinted. I used to go every other week but I quickly stopped when my eyebrows started thinning. I also get regular gel manicures. Supposedly gels aren’t good for your nails but I’m willing to risk my health. Anything to avoid those small islands that form on my hands and feet!

I’m also obsessed with teeth, so I visit my dentist 4 times a year and see my orthodontist every 6 months. I whiten my teeth too, once a year, and maintain the brightness by avoiding coffee. Oh, and I drink everything through a straw.

Lauren: That’s… devotion?

Nicole: You say devotion, I say ridiculous with a spoonful of dramatic. Still, I can’t stop!

Lauren: You’re also, like, really into exercise, right? Like really really?

Nicole: I’m a Barre junkie. I’ve always worked out, but the past few years I’ve pretty much stopped going to traditional gyms altogether and now only go to Barre. On weekdays I do the 6 AM class, and on Saturdays I double up and do the 8:30 and the 9:30 sessions. If I had my way I’d go twice daily, multiple times a week, but my schedule doesn’t always allow for it!

Lauren: Twice a day?!

Nicole: Yes, twice.

Lauren: Not for me, I like leisurely strolls.

Nicole: I’d love to rely solely on leisurely strolls, but these hips don’t lie so I need something a little stronger.  

Lauren: And I’d love to slather cocoa butter all over my face!

Nicole: And with that, I’m off to take a stroll!

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