Razors! Lasers! Tweezers! Hot wax! Our team has been deeply embroiled in an ongoing convo about hair removal lately – the hows, the whys, the highs, the lows! – trading in-depth tips and probing questions re: those unwanted fuzzies. And last week we went wide with our curiosity – circulating a hair removal questionnaire @ the StyleHaul HQ.

Curious to hear about our fave ways to get smooth? Keep reading for a TMI breakdown of our shaving/waxing/plucking habits.

Note: All names have been changed to protect the hairless.

At what age did you start shaving/using depilatory/contemplating the fine/not-so-fine fuzz on your bod?

“I started shaving my face in the 7th grade and had a full goatee by the summer going into my freshman year. The chicks weren’t necessarily into it but it kept the senior football players from picking on me at practice. Still waiting on chest hair though.” – Matt, 28

I think I was in like 5th grade when I first started shaving my legs. I came home and found my sister’s razor and just started shaving. I didn’t ask my mom or anything, but she walked in and was like, “what are you doing!?” – Brandi, 30

Right around the 7th grade, after seeing the girls in my PE class change – they had such smooth, hairless legs!” – Pia, 24

“At 10 I was sneaking into my sister’s beauty cabinet and experimenting with her shaving tools. That’s how I accidentally ended up shaving off half my eyebrow before my first day of fifth grade!” – Sasha, 25

I started shaving near the end of high school and only once a month. Even now, I only need to shave my face weekly, and any other shaving is on occasion, as needed.” – Ben, 26

What’s your preferred method of hair removal (e.g. shaving, waxing, laser, Nair, epilation, electrolysis, sugaring, etc.)?

“Classic and cheap. I favor the DIY spirit of a good ol’ razor and shaving cream. But I don’t shave often. Only when I’m wearing something that exposes my legs, underarms, etc., and I won’t even shave all of it. For example, if I’m wearing cuffed jeans, I’ll only shave the small sliver of skin on my ankles that is actually being exposed. I call it the ‘facade technique.’” – Julia, 26

“It’s weird, but sometimes when I get bored I like to pluck the hair from my legs and underarms for fun even though it takes FOREVER.” – Zelda, 24

“My preferred method of hair removal is laser. It’s life changing because it’s semi permanent after several sessions!” – Sasha, 26

“I shave with an electric razor and a Gillette hand held razor, and tweeze any remaining hair.” – Brent, 31

“As of right now, I don’t do anything anymore. I haven’t shaved anything in maybe 7 months and it’s been great. “ – Pia, 24

“Sometimes I get super lazy, but I’ve remained faithful to my Gillette Venus Spa Razor for as long as I can remember. Not an #ad” – Jasmine, 24

I shave often as I prefer to have little to no body hair.” – Brandi, 30

“Nowadays, I don’t even shave. I just let it all grow and I don’t mind it at all. For my bikini area, I’ve done laser and it’s been great even though I never did the upkeep. The hair grew out, but it’s not as thick as it used to be.” – Alexis, 31

What method of hair removal have you tried that hasn’t worked for you?

“I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed and that s*%t HURTS!!” – Wallace, 26

“I tried Nair for a little bit but that smelled so rank that I gave up on it.” – Pia, 24

“Waxing. Way too painful!” – Quinton, 34

“I had 6 laser sessions for my mustache – didn’t work at all! But I’m going to give it another shot. There are new lasers now.”  – Adrian, 33

What are your grooming preferences for your partner(s)?

Au naturale.” – Camille, 26

“I prefer partners to be hairless like me, or to have a well-groomed landing strip or fun shape down there!” – Brent, 31

“Whatever floats your boat.” – Agnes, 23

I prefer a man who manscapes. I have a zero tolerance policy for chest hair!” – Brandi, 30

I’m not a fan of hair as a whole on myself or my partner, but I don’t have a strong opinion about grooming preferences in general, just as long as they keep it in check.”  – Ben, 26

Just maintained. Not much else to say. But facial hair has always been my enemy – my dermatographia reactions are quite an eyesore! – so a shaven face is preferred.” – Jasmine, 24

Weirdest way you’ve tried to remove unwanted hair?

“My ex-girlfriend thought it would be funny to Nair my butt, not the crack, just the cheeks. It was a mess.” – Matt, 28

“I’m pretty comfortable with all methods of hair removal, however, once, while I was getting a Brazilian wax, I asked the technician how my lady part compared to the other lady parts out there and if mine was ‘cute.’ LOL.” – Sasha, 26

“I once plucked downstairs and it was so painful I stopped after the second strand.” – Quinton, 34

Omg, masking tape. I tried it when I was a kid. But I think everyone’s tried that once, right?” – Agnes, 23

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