Daniel Smith is an LA-based SFX makeup artist who has created incredible work for Disney, Buzzfeed, and Teen Vogue. This month, having committed to #31DaysofHalloween, Daniel is  posting a new scary look each day on his Instagram account.


  1.  How did you get started doing intricate Halloween looks on Instagram?

Doing Halloween looks is actually how I got my professional start – with clients and on social media. When I told myself I wanted to make a career out of makeup, it was 2016, and I debuted by doing 31 Days of Halloween. I said to myself, “If I’m going to do this makeup thing, I’m going to dive all in and go full speed.”

  1. What’s the most challenging look you’ve done?

Probably the full face a sequins. It was a struggle to find sequins that were beige colored, flat, and in a circular shape, and it also took 5 hours to glue them on individually.



  1.  Are there any artists that inspire you (e.g. makeup artists, fine artists, etc.)?

I’m inspired by so many artists! And I’m so grateful that I’m now friends with some of the people I’ve always looked up to. People like Timothy Hung, Mimi Choi, and Linda Hallberg. I also get a lot of inspiration from Ryan Burke, Alex Box, and of course, Pat McGrath.

  1. Is there one specific look that you’re excited to share with your followers for your “31 days of Halloween” series?

I have a lot of amazing looks to share this year, but one that I am truly excited about is a “Salad Fingers” creation that I did!

  1.  Lastly, do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween this year?

It’s a surprise. Trust me though, you’ll love it.




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