“Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason: 1) it’s a great way to share and discover new and thrilling products/tools/snacks/media, and 2) there’s nothing more compelling than knowing what other people find compelling. Before Anything Else is our version of “Monthly Favorites,” and each month we feature a new person with a new perspective. This month’s BAE is Alice Yuan, our Social Media Assistant.

A little over three months ago, I embarked on a journey with Accutane. I’m now halfway through my treatment and am suddenly obsessed with skincare. Like really. The amount of money I spent on products after my last paycheck? Out of this world.

My skin, thanks to the Accutane, is far clearer and less reactive these days, which means I can get way more adventurous with my products. So, what’s been rocking my world in the skincare department this month? Keep reading to find out!

Ohii Beauty 2-1 Clay Cream Cleanser

I mean, I had to. I’m a sucker for cute branding, and Ohii, the new in-house beauty line at Urban Outfitters, is cute AF. I’ve been using their 2-1 Clay Cream Cleanser all month and I love how clean it makes my face feel. Every night after the shower I dab the product on and use the silicone tip to massage it into my face and neck. I love it because it’s gentle, hydrating, and smells so good. It also doubles as a mask, so I leave it on for ten minutes every night. I don’t want to waste the product by rinsing it off right away!

Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera

I’ve hopped on the Thayers Witch Hazel bandwagon and there’s no turning back now! The alcohol content in other toners has always made my skin sting, but this alcohol-free version is replenishing, plumping, and makes me look bright and healthy. I use it twice a day – once in the morning after splashing water on my face, and once at night after rinsing my clay cream cleanser off. Truly magical.

Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Beauty Essence

Saturday Skin is the bomb dot com. I’ve been using their essence for a few weeks now and am so addicted to the light hydration. I apply it after my toner, swiping it on my face and neck. It makes me feel like I’m feeding my face water!

Rose Quartz Roller

I love a good rose quartz roller for all the same reasons that everyone else does – it removes toxins, smooths fine lines, decreases dark circles and bags, calms inflammation, brightens, increases blood circulation, and eases tension headaches. During the weekdays I use the roller when I’m getting ready for bed. I like to keep it in the fridge because a cold roller closes pores and helps skin look tighter. (And a warm roller opens up pores and helps products penetrate more deeply.)

Self-care tip: use your roller on your eyebrows, beginning on one end and rolling all the way to the other – it’ll generate the most amazing overall “zen” feeling.

OLEHENRIKSEN Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum + Sleeping Crème

Earlier this month, our talent team was getting rid of a big box of beauty products, so, of course, I grabbed the two most eye-catching items: the OLEHENRIKSEN Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum and the Goodnight Glow Retin-ALT Sleeping Creme.

Best decision ever.

Both products are natural and plant-based, and target fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and dullness. Since the line contains a retinol alternative formulated with AHAs and bakuchiol, the products have minimal side effects. I apply the serum day and night, right before my roller, and then use the sleeping creme right after that. The magic pair adds to my therapeutic nightly ritual, making me feel more relaxed, hydrated, and very, very sleepy!

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