We’re beauty-obsessed, and we can’t hide it (nor do we want to!), and this includes no-makeup makeup looks that enhance natural features. We teamed up with #StyleHaulFam fav. Aspyn Ovard to show you her ride-or-die everyday makeup look that’s all about embracing the skin she’s in, and took a moment to get her take on what inspires her, beauty treatments she swears by, and more! Watch and read along below.

1. As a content creator, you must have access to a ton of beauty products. How has this impacted your overall approach to makeup and skincare? Do you love being able to experiment with new styles and regimens? Or do you keep to a pretty consistent routine, despite the perks of your job? – I love being able to try new products all the time but I do normally end up going back to my basic favs! I am not that crazy when it comes to makeup so the only thing I experiment with usually is eyeshadow! I do love trying new foundations too! 


2. What do you like best about playing around with makeup? The creativity and self-expression? Or do you like being able to conceal imperfections and enhance favorite features? – I think makeup is totally an art! Especially if you are a makeup artist and really know what you are doing and how to transform someone’s look. I also do like to conceal imperfections and enhance my favorite features, though! My 3-minute routine is concealer for imperfections and then mascara because I like to highlight my eyes! 


3. Where do you find beauty inspo? – I find a lot of inspo on Pinterest or from watching my friends in the beauty community. I don’t get too crazy with trying new things but I love watching makeup videos! 


4. What beauty treatments have you test driven? I have tried a lash lift/perm and I LOVE it! I will probably never go back to lash extensions. 


5. What’s the #1 beauty tip you’ve rec’d? – This is really basic but “less is more” is my fav beauty tip! I swear I look better when I spend 5 minutes on my makeup rather than 50 minutes. I just don’t really feel like I can pull off having a face full of intense makeup so I prefer a more natural look most of the time! 

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