Earlier this year I made a commitment to using only natural, aluminum-free deodorants, because, well, aluminum freaks me out. Most people think “natural” means ineffective, but that’s a fallacy! There are products out there that actually work, and after months of trial, error, and sweat, I offer you, dear reader, three of my favorite cruelty-free, natural deodorants:

I’ve found Schmidt’s to be the the most effective in combating both odor and sweat. The scents are pleasant – neither too sweet nor too strong –  and the powerful combo of minerals, essential oils, and plant-based powders make this the most sensible choice for people fearful about going the natural route. There’s also a version for those with sensitive skin.

No Tox Life products come in a variety of scents that I seriously cannot stop indulging in. Vanilla Sandalwood and Desert Sage + Lavender are my current obsessions. It’s not as effective as Schmidt’s at keeping perspiration in check, but on the odor front, it’s got your back – errr, underarms! – covered.

My last favorite and most recent discovery is Underarm Balm by Serota. This balm, made with shea butter, baking soda, and essential oils, doesn’t just mask odor, it neutralizes it. Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredients result in odor-free (and moisturized!) ‘pits.

Xoxo, Joellen

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