I, Bubz, am 31-years-young, and you know what? I’m wearing less and less makeup these days. It’s partially laziness, partially busyness, but as a mother of two adorable, slightly monstrous little human beings, I now value sleep more than I do primping time.

When I was in Asia a couple weeks ago for my book tour, I was asked, “Bubz, what’s your secret to looking great without makeup?” As flattered as I was, I said, “It’s partly genetics, but mostly due to circle lenses and eyebrow & lip embroidery!” The room giggled and we moved on, but I want to expand on this topic further because, in truth, I have to do a lot of prep-work to be able to go makeup-free everyday!

Here, below, is a quick guide to looking great without makeup. 10 steps you can take now to help you look and feel your best!

  1. Shape Your Brows

I’m not joking around with this one, it truly makes a difference. If a full face of makeup can look undone without shaped brows, imagine how important good brows must be for a bare face?

If you don’t know how to shape them, get them professionally done and maintain the shape at home with tweezers. I also recommend eyebrow embroidery. It lasts 1-2 years, and buys you back so much mirror-time!

  1. Wear Perfume

When you smell good, you feel good. I slay the grocery aisle with my Jo Malone Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne! I also have this adorable rollerball charm that attaches to my handbag – super handy for on-the-go fragrance.

  1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Every morning after I brush my teeth, I use my toothbrush to gently exfoliate my lips. Not only to remove dead skin, but also to boost circulation which gives me a rosy little burst of color. And FYI, a moisturizing lip balm can totally double as a gloss. I use the Lansinoh nipple balm in place of chapstick. If it’s good enough for the nips, it’s good enough for the lips!

  1. Treat Your Skin

These days, I’d rather invest more in my skincare than makeup. After all, the better the skin, the less makeup you need!

My routine: every morning after washing with a gentle cleanser, I give my face a good splash with icy water to decrease any puffiness and inflammation. Then, at night, I use rosehip seed oil, which results in the most incredible morning glow! Sunscreen is a must too, and I am drawn to any products with hyaluronic acid. I also exfoliate twice a week to remove sluggish cells, and I like to dab additional rosehip seed oil on the high points of my cheek bones for a naturally dewy look.

  1. Facial Massage

Who needs contour when you can slim down the face with facial massage? While I’m cleansing, I use my knuckles to ‘push out’ any toxins. I start at the bottom of my chin and move up towards my ears and then back down my neck. Goodbye puffy face!

  1. Take Care of Your Teeth

No need to rely on red lipstick for whiter looking teeth anymore! I swear by Crest Professional Effect 3D Whitening Strips. Minty breath also goes a long way for your confidence, so remember to brush and floss!

  1. Cheat Bigger Eyes

For eyes that pop without makeup, I wear circle lenses. They make my pupils appear larger and create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. I only recommend purchasing lenses from a trusted retailer, though – buy FDA approved! Another tip? Eyelash extensions. They really do make a huge difference.

  1. Accessorize

Stylish sunglasses hide tired eyes but also work great for protecting against UV rays. I’ve also heard that some people like to wear diamanté earrings because they refract light to makes the skin glow. Very clever!

  1. Eat Well

When you consume too much sugar, it causes blood sugar spikes, which, for me, can result in excess oil, acne, and facial bloating. However, when I’m eating healthy, I notice my skin is clearer and thus, needs less makeup. Drinking green tea can also be beneficial to the skin by lowering androgens in the body. This aids in the fight against hormonal acne. And two supplements I can’t live without? Fish oil and apple cider vinegar supplements!

  1. Be Confident

Lastly, please remember that you can pull off nearly anything with confidence. Embrace what you got, feel good about it, and don’t forget to make other people feel good about themselves too. (Pro tip: people rarely recall what you look like, what they remember is how you made them feel!) So be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and smile wherever you go.

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