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Creator Spotlight: Kristen McGowan

Kristen McGowan - design lover, YouTuber, and enthusiastic new member of the #StyleHaulFam - sat down with us last week to discuss interiors, content creation, and what it’s been like transitioning from making the occasional guest appearance in her boyfriend’s videos, to being the boss lady of her own little corner of the internet. Here, below, is our chat.

Brand Spotlight: Courage Bagels

When Ari Skye lost her job a couple of years ago, she found herself. She also found bagels.

MADI Apparel

MADI Apparel is a sweatshop-free, locally made, sustainable intimates line with a buy one, give one business model. Here. below, MADI’s founder Hayley Santell talks to us about what inspired her to start her company, and what it takes to maintain it.

EMBR: Live Life with Open Hands

EMBR co-founders Emily Moon and Bre Conn are women united in best-friendship and in business. Here, below, they talk to us a bit about being clean, helping others, and what it really means to live life with open hands.

Every Day Is Casual Friday

Growing up, I always imagined I’d one day work a corporate gig like my mother. I’d wear blazers, slacks, pumps, and carry a shiny, brown briefcase. Watching my mom walk out of the door each morning in her nicest clothes - in pressed, clean, “professional” fabrics! - was crazy appealing to me.

New Orleans Travel Guide

New Orleans, AKA The Big Easy, is where french culture meets Southern charm. It’s rich with historic architecture and cajun bistros and eclectic shops and vibrant art. And that Louisiana heat, whoa! It’s oppressive and unrelenting and adds a splash of humid magic to NOLA nightlife, which I’d describe as a sticky, boozy mix of live music, curbside drinks, and trashy (but good natured?) fun.

When Hairstylists Don’t Listen

From ages 17 to 27, I allowed one person to touch my hair: Paul, Master of the Effortless Blonde Locks. Paul and I were separated by a continent (I was in Oakland and he was in D.C., where my family lived), but I went home twice a year and each time I booked a cut. At 28 though, when my Saturn Return hit and I moved to LA, I was suddenly struck by the realization that I was an adult and that I should probably have a hairstylist in the state where I planned to die.

DIY Wall Hang

Are you a frequent online lurker of the Urban Outfitters home store? Velvet couches! Quirky sketch art! So cute! But pricey, right?!

Before Anything Else: May

“Monthly Favorites” is the YouTube tag that refuses to die, and for good reason: 1) it’s a great way to share and discover new and thrilling...

Gucci Flowers

Loud, bold, warm, exotic florals - that’s the new Gucci. It’s lush, crazy gorgeous, and hella pricey. We may not be able to drop $6500 on an embroidered denim jacket bedazzled with lilies and a flying cheetah, but we can sure as s%*t make a floral arrangement inspired by this season’s hottest, herbaceous trend.

Shop New Classics

New Classics is a Canadian online shop that stocks, exclusively, ethically made fashion and beauty bits. Alyssa Lau, New Classics’ founder and owner, has a keen eye for timeless design and stocks pieces that are wearable, sustainable, and chic.

Memorial Day Playlist

Whether you’re hittin’ the road or hittin' the beach this Memorial Day, you’ll need a soundtrack to set the mood for the perfect holiday weekend. We’ve put together our go-to tracks that will 10/10 get you movin’.