Top Male Enhancement Pills orking at another shortish Top Male Enhancement Pills novel which was called Lucy Church Amiably and which she describes as a novel of romantic beauty and nature and which looks like an engraving. She at Top Male Enhancement Pills Brewer s request wrote a summary of this book as an advertisement and he cabled his enthusiasm. However he wished first to commence with a collection of short things and she suggested in that case he should make it all the short things she had written about America and call it Useful Knowledge. This was done. There are many Paris picture dealers who like adventure in their business, there are no publishers in America who like adventure in theirs. In Paris there are picture dealers like Durand Top Male Enhancement Pills Ruel who went broke twice supporting Top Male Enhancement Pills the impressionists, Vollard for C zanne, Sagot for Picasso and Kahnweiler for all the cubists. They make their they can and they keep on buying something for which there is no present sale and they do so persistently until they create its public. And these adventurers are adventurous because that is the way they feel Top Male Enhancement Pills about it. There are others who hav

e not chosen as well and have gone entirely broke. It is the tradition among the more miracle breast reviews adventurous Paris picture dealers to adventure. I brain pills suppose there are a Top Male Enhancement Pills great many reasons why publishers do not. John Lane alone among publishers did. He perhaps did not die a very rich man but he lived well, and died a buy hcg drops moderately rich one. We had a hope that Brewer might be this Top Male Enhancement Pills kind of a publisher. He printed Useful Knowledge, his results were not Top Male Enhancement Pills all that he anticipated and instead of continuing do male enhancement pills help alcohol and gradually creating a public for Gertrude Stein s work he procrastinated and then said Top Male Enhancement Pills no. I suppose this was inevitable. Top Male Enhancement Pills However that was the matter as it was and as it continued pills that make u last longer in bed to be. I now myself began to think about publishing the work of Gertrude Stein. I asked her to invent a Top Male Enhancement Pills name for my edition and she laughed and said, ca.ll it Plain Edition. And Plain Edition it is. All that I knew about what I Top Male Enhancement Pills would have to do was that I would have to get the book printed and then to get it distributed, that is sold. I talked to everybody about how these two things were Top Male Enhancement Pills to be accompl

Top Male Enhancement Pills

Top Male Enhancement Pills ished. At first Top Male Enhancement Pills I thought I would associate some one with me but that soon did not please me and I decided to do it all by myself. Gertrude Stein wanted the first book Lucy Church Amiably to look like a school book and to be bound in blue. Once having ordered my book to be printed my next problem was the problem of distribution. On this subject I received a great deal of advice. Some of the advice turned out to be good and some of it turned out to be bad. William A. Bradley, the friend and comforter of Paris authors, told me to subscribe to The Publishers Weekly. This was undoubtedly wise advice. This helped me to learn something of my new business, but the real difficulty Top Male Enhancement Pills was to get to the booksellers. Ralph Church, philosopher and friend, Top Male Enhancement Pills said stick to the booksellers, first Top Male Enhancement Pills and last. Excellent advice b.ut how to get to the booksellers. At this moment a kind friend said that she could get me copied an old list of booksellers belonging to a publisher. This list was sent to me and I began sending out my circulars. The circular pleased me at first but I soon

concluded that it was Top Male Enhancement Pills not quite right. However I did get orders from America and I was paid without much difficulty and I was encouraged. The distribution in Paris was this is bob male enhancement at once easier and more difficult. It was easy Top Male Enhancement Pills to get the book put in the window of all the booksellers in Paris that sold english books. This event gave Gertrude Stein a childish delight amounting almost to ecstasy. She had never seen a Top Male Enhancement Pills book of hers in a bookstore window before, except a french genix male enhancement 10 pack translation of The Ten Portraits, and she spent all her time in her wanderings about Paris looking at the copies of Lucy Church Amiably in the windows and Top Male Enhancement Pills coming back and telling me about it. The books were sold too and then as I was away Top Male Enhancement Pills water based penis pump from Paris six months in the year I Top Male Enhancement Pills turned over the Paris work to a french sex enhancement pills Top Male Enhancement Pills agent. This worked very well at.first but finally did best men s sexual health supplements not work well. However one must learn one s trade. I decided upon my next book Top Male Enhancement Pills How To Write and not being entirely satisfied with the get up of Lucy Church Amiably, although it did look like a school book, I decided to have the next book pri

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