Extenze Male Enhancement head of the house remarked that I was bound to Shaam on foot. The ending was fully as effective as he could have hoped. The sheik fairly Extenze Male Enhancement bounded into the air, threw his Extenze Male Enhancement cigarette at the open stove, and burst forth into an excited tirade. The girl interpreted. It was the old story of impossible, can t be done, and the rest but a Extenze Male Enhancement new element was introduced into a Extenze Male Enhancement threadbare prediction for the sheik declared that, as village magistrate, he would not permit me to continue in such a foolhardy undertaking. How many weapons did.I carry None What No weapon Travel to far off Damascus without being armed Why, his own villagers never ventured along the highway to the nearest Extenze Male Enhancement towns without their guns He would not hear of it and he was still disclaiming as only an excited Extenze Male Enhancement Oriental can, when the missionary came to invite me to a second supper. 123I took leave of my host early next morning, swung my knapsack over my shoulder, and limped down to the road. But Bhamdoon was Extenze Male Enhancement not yet done with me. In the center of the highway, in front of the little shop of which he was proprietor, stood the sheik and several fellow townsmen. With great politeness, he

invited me to step inside. My feet were still swollen Extenze Male Enhancement and blistered from the long tramp of the day before, for the cloth slippers of Port Sa d offered no more protection from the sharp stones of the Extenze Male Enhancement highway than a Extenze Male Enhancement sheet of paper, and I accepted the invitation. The village head placed a stool for me in the front of xtrahrd natural male enhancement the shop, in full sight from up or down the route. It soon became evident that I was on exhibition male enhancement pills for sex as a freak of humanity, for t.he sheik pointed me out with great delight to every passer by. Apparently, too, he had chosen this opportune moment to collect some village tax. On the floor beside me stood an earthenware pot, and the sheik, as Extenze Male Enhancement soon as his natural penile enlargement exhibit swiss navy size male enhancement reveiw had been viewed from all sides, called upon each newcomer to drop into it a bishleek ten cents. Like true Orientals, they gave smaller pieces, some half bishleeks, some one or two metleeks but not a man passed without contributing Extenze Male Enhancement his mite, for the command of the sheik of a Syrian village is law to all its inhabitants. Some time I otc male performance enhancers had served as a bait for tax dodgers when a villager I had Extenze Male Enhancement not yet seen put in an appearance, and addressed me in fluent English. He had gath

Extenze Male Enhancement

ered a Syrian fortune in Maine and returned, years before, to the rugged slopes of his native Lebanon. He insisted that I visit his house nearby and, once there, fell to tucking bread sheets, black olives, raisins, Extenze Male Enhancement and pieces of sugar cane into any knapsack, shouting incessantly at the same time of his undying affection for America and things American. Out o.f mere pride for his bleak country, he took care, on the way back to the shop, to point out a narrow path that Extenze Male Enhancement wound up the steep slope of a neighboring range. That, he said, leads to the Damascus road. But no man can journey to Damascus on foot. The earthenware pot Extenze Male Enhancement was almost full when I took my seat again on the stool. I turned to my new acquaintance. What special taxes is the sheik gathering Extenze Male Enhancement this morning I demanded. Eh What cried Extenze Male Enhancement the erstwhile New Englander, following the indication of my finger, The pot Why, don t you know what that s for No, I answered. 124 Why, that is a collection the sheik is taking Extenze Male Enhancement up to buy you a ticket to Damascus on the railroad. I picked up my knapsack from the floor and stepped into the highway. The sheik and several bystanders threw themselves upon

me with cries of dismay. It was no use attempting to escape from a dozen horny hands. I permitted myself to be led back to the stool and sat down with the knapsack across my gro male enhancement supplement knees. The sheik Extenze Male Enhancement addressed me in soothing tones, pointing at the pot with every third word. The others.resumed their seats on the floor, rolled new cigarettes, Extenze Male Enhancement and fell quiet once more. With one leap I sprang from the stool into the street and set off at top speed down the highway, a screaming, enhanced supplements bigpanis howling, Extenze Male Enhancement ever increasing but Extenze Male Enhancement ever more distant throng at my heels. A half hour later I gained the summit of the neighboring range Extenze Male Enhancement and slid down the opposite slope onto the highway to Damascus. For miles the road ascended sharply, elbowing its way through narrow gorges, or crawling along the face of new male enhancement products a mountain where its edge was a yawning Extenze Male Enhancement precipice. The giant cedars of the Extenze Male Enhancement first slopes had given way to clumps of pro solutions plus stunted dwarfs, cowering in deep cut ravines behind protecting shoulders of the range. Few

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