Cum Pills l the rivers to overflowing, are followed by the most beneficent effects and, rude Cum Pills and violent as the means are by which she accomplishes her purpose, they form, no doubt, a part of that process by which she preserves the balance of good and evil. Vast quantities of the best soil have been Cum Pills thus washed down from the mountains to accumulate in more accessible places. From frequent depositions, a great extent of country along the banks of every river and creek has risen Cum Pills high above the influence of the floods, and constitutes the richest tracts in th.e colony. The alluvial flats of the Nepean, the Hawkesbury, and Cum Pills the Hunter, are striking instances of the truth of these observations to which the plains of O Connell and Bathurst must be added. The only good Cum Pills soil upon the two latter, Cum Pills is in the immediate neighbourhood of the Macquarie River but, even close to its banks, the depositions are of little depth, lying on a coarse gravelly soil, the decomposition of the nearer ranges. The former is found to diminish in thickness, according to the concavity of the valley through which the Macquarie flows, and at length becomes mi

xed with the coarser soil. This deposit is alone fit for what is the safest male enhancement product agricultural purposes but it does not necessarily follow that the distant country is unavailable since it is admitted, that the best grazing tracts are upon the secondary ranges of granite and porphyry. These ranges generally have the appearance of open forest, and are covered with several Cum Pills kinds of grasses, among which the long oat grass is the most abundant. Cum Pills County of Cumberland. If we except the valley of the Nepean, the banks.of the South Creek, the Pennant Hills near Parramatta, and a few other places, the general soil of the county of Cumberland, is of the poorest description. It is superficial in most places, resting either male enhancement merchant account upon a cold clay, or upon sandstone and is, as I have already remarked, a ferruginous compound Cum Pills of the finest dust. Yet there are many places upon its surface, hollows for instance, in which vegetable decay has Cum Pills accumulated, or valleys, into which it do penise pumps work has been washed, that are well adapted for alpha max male enhancement sexual enhancement reviews the usual purposes dr oz top rated male enhancement pills of agriculture, and would, if the country was more generally cleared, be found Cum Pills to exist to a much greater Cum Pills extent than is at p

Cum Pills

resent imagined. I have frequently observed the isolated patches of better land, Cum Pills when wandering through the woods, both on the Parramatta River, and at a greater distance from the coast. And I cannot but think, that it would be highly advantageous to those who possess large properties in the County of Cumberland to let Portions of them. The concentration of people round their capital, promotes more than anything else the.prosperity of a colony, by creating Cum Pills a reciprocal demand for the produce both of the country and the town, since the one would necessarily stimulate the energy of the farmer, as the other would rouse the enterprise of the merchant. The consideration, however, of such a subject is foreign to my present purpose. It must Cum Pills not be Cum Pills supposed, that because I have given a Cum Pills somewhat particular description of the County of Cumberland, I have done so with a view to bring it forward as a specimen of the other counties, Cum Pills or to found upon it a general description of the colony. It is, in fact, poorer in every respect than any tract of land of similar extent in the interior, and is still covered with dense forests of

heavy cheap male enlargement pills timber, excepting when the trees have been felled by dint of manual labour, and the ground cleared at an expense that nothing but its proximity to the seat of government male enhancement how does it work could have justified. But experience has proved, that neither Cum Pills the labour nor the the expense have been thrown away. Many valuable farms and extensive gardens chequer the face of the co.untry, from which the Cum Pills proprietors derive a very efficient income. Country Cum Pills West of Blue Mountains. To the westward of the Blue Mountains, the country differs in many respects from that lying between Cum Pills those ranges and the coast male ed products Cum Pills and although, Cum Pills its aspect varies in different places, three principal features appear more immediately to characterise endurolast pills it. These Cum Pills are, first, plains of considerable extent wholly destitute of timber gaia herbs male enhancement secondly, open undulating woodlands and, thirdly, barren unprofitable tracts. The first almost invariably occur

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