Happy silhouettes.Lesbians eliminating the idea of "can't" in the LGBT community. Check out @le7else7enIts that time of the dayam I cool yet #artsyI am sooooooooooooooooo depressed right now... I go to wash my hair and my wholeeeeeee scar is showing. FML I go to the same people because they know my standars. This wont do. Back into hidding I go... thought I had a Good thing going. FML.
• I don't know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving •Big eyeliner review/comparison on my channel comparing the @urbandecaycosmetics perversion liners with other brands, like #mac #milani and #physiciansformula Link in my IG bio laughing at myself bc this is what I do when I'm bored I'm gonna miss @claudiatoles ... And her deliciously addictive German potato salad Mainha também viciou! ❤️❤️ #icedpassiontealemonade #starbucks
Woot woot!!! #jiujitsuListo mi día de graduación!!  Fue todo un éxito, gracias por sus buenos deseos!! Si decidí utilizar el vestido amarillo y combinarlo con accesorios fucsias  todos de diseñadores venezolanos de @galeria_inventiva !! Qué opinan???getting run over by a boat ...#ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfieThis is me pondering why the weather is forcing me to still wear pants when it's almost May Pretty much all I wear in one picture cause I just did my laundry ☠
Home sweet home. After 5 days in the hospital @advicefromjustin we can go home! Yay! Our #LiamBeluga looks so dapper in his going home outfit! #aprilathena7 #apriljustintv #newborn #babyWatch out Leonardo...... I'm on top of the world. @nokiaus #LumiaExplorers #yosemite #watchoutleo @yosemitenps #naturefishes ARE delicious  @wildfoxcouturewhite + white + white ♡ whoa http://www.youtube.com/leighannsays (link in bio) #outfit #white #floating