Rocks in #acitrezza #segunLaOdiseaselastiraronaUlises #vayapalo  #balamodafamilyinsicily #vacacionesdeloscinco #sicilyFashion blogger @thefrugality looks absolutely fab in our Monmouth Leather Mini Skirt. #baukjenstyle #fashion #style#ipsyStylist @lustrelux and dem #ipsypink lips. What a beauty.  What's your signature lip shade?Need coffeeeeee shooting in Leeds today!Announcing your September Yoga Challenge #BalanceBasics. Balance is a state of mind that is expressed through physical posture. These postures will help you discover the fundamentals of balance which is important for any yoga practice and translates to a more balanced and harmonious lift. All levels are welcome to join. For this month your hosts will be @laurasykora @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga. We will have some amazing prizes from our sponsor @athleta for those that participate daily! Here’s how to participate: 1. Repost this collage to your Instagram feed and tag a friend to join you! 2. Follow the challenge hosts and sponsor. 3. Post your best photo or video of the pose that is listed for that day. Don't stress perfection, just share your journey. 4. In your posts make sure to tag us, and the hash tag #balancebasics to qualify for prizes. 4. Have fun and be inspired! We will be posting Day 1 on August 31st. Post your photo or video the next day. Try to incorporate the posture of the day into your normal yoga or fitness routine. Who is in for this challenge?
Folgando na aula! Passa rapido dia, por favor! Don't Go! The sweet and stylish @juliahengel of #GalMeetsGlam is taking over our Instagram. Get a #bts look into her world and shop her fall picks! (Link in our profile ) #25daysofchicWe all got food poisoned lastly night! Worst night ever!!Bom diaaaaaaaa preguicaaaaa!!!
D E T A I L S... Introducing JADE... #fashionart #fashionillutration #illustration #bisanation #rubywoo #fashion #handdrawing #photoshopCongratulations to the winner of our @daisyknights competition @talialouisenails please contact to claim you prize! I like these kinds of pictures because it makes me look like I'm a famous singer  I now really want vocal lessons hahaLook do dia: passando vergonha no estacionamento, Pq aqui é assim qualquer momento para tirar um cochilo é lucro, então vamos de edredom para se sentir em casa kkk #aloka #querodormir #lookchocantedodia #naomejulguem #soucriançamesmo #bomdiapreguiçoso#ricitosdeoro #balamodafamilyinsicily #vacacionesdeloscinco #sicily #acetrezza
Crazy coincidence!! I finished this illustration yesterday featuring a dress by @anthony_vaccarello I went on to his ig and found this photo!! It's the same dress with almost exactly the same backdrop & pose as my illustration. I was a little disappointed because I've never seen this pic before and now it just looks like I copied it  I'm all for taking inspiration but I thought I was being original! To be completely honest, I feel that whether I'm being original or not; most of what I do gets dismissed/ ignored... However, I have to trust that my steps are being ordered of God and that all things will work together. When I say I Dare You To Dream- it's no joke! Only the brave can take it! To peruse something that your heart aches for is painful and devastating! That's why so many give up. I have dreams that I haven't even begun to share with ppl outside my family because they seem so far fetched & unreachable but still, I press on. That's why I have so much respect for ppl who work hard to achieve because it's not easy to fail and fail and still get up... Being told "NO" over an over again and believing you still can... Thank God for Christ in me who is the hope of glory! And still #IDareYouToDream #bisanation #fashionart #fashion #fashionillutration #illustration #styleMom's personal stash. #pawsoff #eatallthefruit #cravings #goraw #rawfood @camelbakShooting with @tashaggreen and @itsbeccarose today #throwbackthursday >> Had so much fun hanging out with my girls at V Festival! Thanks @deebo9 for the photo & @revlon_uk for the day. Vlog will be up tonight! #BohoFestivalGlamour #sponsoredI could do this everyday.