As I write this message I'm sat on a very busy bus. I've just been out for a drink with two amazing friends. Opposite me a girl. She is holding her hands, linked. Looking down. She has two hair grips in and a bright green hearing aid. She looks sad and I so want to say hello but once again I don't know how. She has a beautiful face and I hope someone has told her recently that she's beautiful.My moms table scape this year! She never fails! #marthastewart #pomogranatesMy brother is home for Thanksgiving!! He is in the Navy so that is why I don't have many pics of him on here. He is never home and I am so thankful to not only spend the day with him, but have such an amazing little brother☺️❤️Dia de fotos com eles @marciaalcolea @fernandoferrazjr Large Acrylic Makeup or Jewelry container, 6 drawers, 11 dividers FREE shipping @shoprymingtahn Visit #happythanksgiving #MACapproved ☺️#makeup #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeupcontainer #makeuporganizer #organizer #jewelryorganizer #acryliccase #kardashionmakeupset
spent the evening smelling all the lovely volume 3 fragrances at @gorillaperfumes.islington ☺️ #GorillaPerfumesHoy en @vistiendola hacemos un outfit masculino con un toque mas femenino de un collar statement, más detalles en mi blog de street style y el enlace directo en la bio de mi perfil de IG de @vistiendola Today at @vistiendola we are doing a masculine outfit with a feminine touch of an statement necklace, more details on my street style blog and the direct link on my @vistiendola IG bio profile #moda #fashion #fashionista #streetstyle #urban #statementnecklace #collargrandeTBT to mini me and my soul mate sister. Just uploaded my Christmas gift guide with a huge givaway clink the link in my bio or some quality time with the family! ⚓️Spent the morning with Daisy, a pet Pygmy goat
Getting ready to eat some delicious food!  SO incredibly thankful for all of you  thank you for the unconditional love & support, I would be nowhere without you guys ❤️Happy thanksgiving everyone!!  sooo many reasons to be thankful today! Thank you SO much for being with me even when we are miles away!!  Have a blessed day!!  ------- Hoy en estados unidos celebramos el dia de acción de gracias🇺🇸 y me parece una celebración preciosa, siempre es tan importante dar gracias ❤️ yo me siento increíblemente afortunada y tengo TANTAS razones para dar gracias pero quiero que sepan que todos los días me siento increíblemente afortunada y agradecida por tenerlos a USTEDES en mi vida!! GRACIAS por estar conmigo y ser mis amigas y amigos aun cuando estamos a kilometros de distancia ❤️ GRACIAS por apoyarme en mis buenos momentos y tambien en los malos, por aconsejarme y por creer en esta total extraña!! Millones de gracias jamás serán suficientes  LOS AMOOO Happy Thanksgiving yall! good to be home with this nugget! ostentando canetinhas profissas haha. #facudemoda #muitoamor ❤️
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! Have a wonderful day :) It's not complete till you're in a #foodcoma #somuchfood #ilovemyfamily #thanksgiving2014Dinner time!#ThanksgivingHe hasn't moved in a couple hours.... Reflecting on what he is thankful for. $5 says its food. Happy Thanksgivings from the one and only #spoiled #fluffynoob #momobear Plates for #coconut #squash soup :) #askNutritionNerd