ThanksgivingAnd so begins my five-hour Sofitel spa afternoon with my mom. Will my parents let me have a wall garden in my bathroom at home...?WinterMakeup @DestinyGodley Foundation | #Lancome #TeintIdole Lips | #MAC #NightMoth & #LAGirl #BlackLipstick Brows | #AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Powder duo in Ebony #BigLashes #Falsies #BHCosmetics #wildchild #Eyeshadowpalette #BBlogger #Youtuber #purplelips #makeupturorialWhy so serious?
Basically the most cutest thing Ive ever seen #HappyThanksgiving let's remember to be Grateful for everything we have! What's 1 thing ur Grateful for this year? #Dearnatural62 #Thanksgiving #inspirationI get asked to vlog often so I finally dun did it! Vlogged my entire past wknd from burgers to beating 'sc. Check it on the tube (link in bio) Blonde ambition. Makeup and photography by yours truly for @wantable. Hair by the talented @makeupmymind. Modeled by the inimitable @effyharvard. #wantable #jordanliberty #makeupartist #photographer #makeupporn #beautybox #subscriptionbox #emeraldThese oven roasted onion flowers in the #marthafood feed could definitely double as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Share your #Thanksgiving pics tomorrow with #marthafood! Photo by @mr_twigie
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Reunited with @juantawn story of my life #helpJamming with the crew from back home and so glad to be doing so Lovecrime. #REPOST #7thankfuldays I'm thankful that I accomplished to aid in raising, along with my husband, well mannered children! I won't bash children today, but I can say that there are a lot more that aren't as respectable as when I was a child!  it's all on how they're raised and their environment folks! (Cal played in 2 of the three bands that played in his school event last night #proudmama! Now, let's work on that science class!) #fabletics #ambsdr @fabletics