Fried cheesecake or fried oreos? Pick your poison.  #OCfair200k no insta e na fã page! Estou muitoooo feliz! E só quero agradecer a vocês por todo o carinho e por me acompanharem! Amo o que faço e fico feliz em compartilhar tudo com vocês! ❤️❤️❤️ (foto por @fas_niinatacifabi )Łobuzy odpoczywają 1920s party tonight
Crazy makeup! Learn how to do it here: what kind of makeup tutorials would you like to see when I am done with my traveling? Tweet me some pictures or leave me some suggestions below ☺️ I want to do some more deep lip looks soon, and maybe more 'different' lip shades like grey or aqua or something hahaha ❤️Don't you love this blushing bride's Miracle Gel #mani? With quick and simple 2-step, no-light application you'll have plenty of time to look for the perfect wedding dress! #DallasBridalShow #miraclemani #weddingOh ya know, just hangin at my fave store out East. @25park | Hi @alisonbrettschneider Some people say that they think it's weird that I smile in my pics. But yoga puts me in touch with my inner happiness and I feel joy each time I practice (even on days when I stumble and fall). And some people say I always do Scorpion, but I love this posture, it's one of my favorites of all time. Getting my feet to my head involves the balance between strength and surrender that is the heart of the practice for me. It's my passion to share the inspiration to practice and through practice experience peace, love, happiness and joy. Bathing suit by @sauvageswimwear Photo by @agpadovaniSaturday school
Delicia de Miami ☀️⚓️✨Monogram jewelry box: everyone needs one! Thanks for sharing @teapea19!#goodtimes #asburypark #ilovesummerMorning smoothie to awaken and seize the day! I needed a fresh blended drink this morning ✌️loaded with bananas, strawberries, blueberries and black berries topped with orange juice. #smoothies #smoothie #healthy #breakfast #fruit #tasty #fruity #yummy #instafoodKorzystając z wyprzedaży kupiłam kilka rzeczy na siłownię.Chciałam zrobić zdjęcie a Kicia od razu się umościła.Koty mają jakiś radar wykrywający nowe,czyste a już najlepiej czarne ubrania.Chcecie jakiś film o ciuchach na siłownię? #nieuwolniszsieodsiersci #wszesdziewlosy #mamkotazawszeprzysobie #gdziejestrolka
OH MY. Red velvet & salted carmel cupcake ice cream in a red velvet come. Thank god I walk everywhere here!  #icecream #dangerous #seattle #sweetswhen an old man interrupts your selfieGaw winner!yet another sassy romper night featuring Sarah Belle and Caitlin Beapurse of the day #chanel