5 days until Christmas! What's on your wish list this year?✨NEW VIDEO! Water Bubble Christmas Tree Nails (phew! what a mouthful) I hope you guys like it! It's my last holiday-themed look for the year. Aaaand there's also giveaway #4 inside the video, there are more goodies to be won! (Winner #3 is in the video description box) I have too much stuff so there will also be a giveaway #5 next week. 8 days until my TWO YEAR YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANNIVERSARY WHAAT!#qtchallenge day 20: favorite christmas song! #decemberchallengeUploading to my Channel now! A Birthday Message from Frozen's Anna! - Brooke's reaction! ❄️⛄️  @jade_armitage Is so talented and Creates Personalised Video Messages to little ones! She dresses up as the child's favourite Disney Character and once the Parent has proved the information needed, Makes a special video just for them! Brooke really enjoyed her Special Birthday Message from Anna! Make sure you Subscribe to her Youtube and "Like" her Facebook page "A Message From.", Her links will be in my Youtube Video description box! So again, Thank you very much Jade for making my Princess a very happy girl! ⛄️❄️ #amessagefrom #disney #disneyanna #frozen #frozenanna #annamessage #messagefromanna #princessanna #jadearmitage @jade_armitage
 #genewilder #willywonkamorning almond latte to get me going✨さくらももこ先生と一緒に絵本つくったよ。「星のおくりもの」ジルコニア2ctが埋め込まれてるの。TSUTAYAで発売。限定で本物のダイアモンドのバージョンもあるので、表参道ヒルズのfestariaでいろいろきいてー。@festaria_hills  I made a book with my favorite japanese cartoon artist sakura momoko!! "Wish up on a star" comes with 2ct cubiczirconia. Available at Tsutaya bookstores. Theres also limited vers. with real diamond! @festaria_hills #夢を叶えるダイアモンド #wishaponastar #festaria #さくらももこ #justsayingJust got to meet my beautiful friend @ejstagg89 new baby! He is just as beautiful ☺️
Já viram esse tutorial no meu canal? É um penteado muito fofo especialmente para quem tem cabelos curtos/médios. Esse vídeo faz parte do projeto All Things Hair Brasil, onde eu e outras blogueiras falamos tudo sobre cabelo: dicas, tutoriais, produtos... ahh, se inscrevam no canal deles também :) #adAin't no minute, quite like last minute. Happy holiday weekend!!PREÇO IMBATÍVEL  Agora no site 6 modelos de cartelas de Flash Tattoos por R$12,90 varejo e R$ 8,38 atacado Garanta já as suas Compras pelo nosso site: better not touch my gingerbread house or LEGO set - I sacrificed all clothing for itI missed this one
Matcha Green Tea Lattes are life.  They are a great alternative to coffee. It's rich in antioxidants and has less caffeine but can still give you that morning boost! So here's how to make one at home! ! INGREDIENTS 1 TBS of organic 100% Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder 1 cup your choice of milk (I do Almond milk) A pinch of stevia or honey for sweetening DIRECTIONS Blend the matcha powder, the milk, and the stevia for about 10-15 sec to really help dissolve the matcha or else it gets super clunky. This also helps the milk get frothy! Then pour your mixture in a cup and heat it up in the microwave! Or if you want, you can also heat it up on the stove and then pour it in a mug. I'm still trying to perfect the artwork portion, so tips on that later, k? Into the sky we go!Morning beauties! Have you seen my (early) WINTER LOOKBOOK ❄️ Link in my bio ✨❤️ xoxoBlogging about new Smashbox items  #smashboxontherocks