Sometimes the only good things you hear about yourself come from yourself. Don't be afraid to empower yourself! We challenge you to add your goal, insecurity or something you want to change after the "I AM" for example "I AM HAPPY, HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL" or "I AM STRONG & I CAN DO...." Now repeat this 10 times each day with meaning & encourage yourself to take your control & make the change you desire.Me and my BRO @kevinsampaiotwin @givenchyofficial #love #gang #nyc #familyMessy long bob hair tutorial | Uploading now ✨ link to my channel in my bio it's @henners92 from the cruise I went on over Christmas !!!! REUNITED WITH MY SOULMATE After show indulgence... It's all about a balance #80/20rule
It's normal to be overwhelmed with what others think of you. In fact, I grew up super self conscious myself! But you know what? What people think about you should not dictate who you are and what you want to do. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Live your passion and be you to the fullest. That's how you'll end up happy, fulfilled, and on top Single nights. เพื่อนพามากินปิ้งย่าง มีปลาหมึกจุกุมิด้วย จิ้มกับชีส ฟินนน อร่อยยย~ 쭈꾸미 ㅋㅋ  #YuriUkuriKoreaTripwest coast on the east coast @erinpepper
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Because printer long sleeved rompers are my favorite.  salud amigos!Como extraño al rancho y a olor a Yerba  #Green #IMYTwo rays of sunshine... & moi.  #thedailyscribbleootandaboot #lacmaCongratulations @nicolasghesquiereofficial @louisvuitton for such a breathtaking collection ❤️