first dinner on our cruise Where da tree doh? Lol this is my first time decorating/putting up a tree  allll by myselffff! ☺️ Did I do okay? I should've got a bigger one. Bllaahhh #madlateBecause this is what happens at a @chaserice with @angelavictoriaaa #chaserice #hesangtome #happybirthdaytome #28thbirthdaykickoff #nyc #irvingplaza #takingovertheworldawkward about-to-film-a-tutorial one eyed makeup time  keep an eye out for it:: (link in bio) #youtuberprobzGive yourself the gift of bliss! I'm bringing back the #12DaysofBlissmas this year and giving away a $50 lululemon gift card to TWO lucky random winners AFTER Dec 25... to make sure that you use it on yourself! --- All you have to do to enter is [1] comment below this image on Instagram with an answer to the daily question, and [2] tag friends who may want to join in (or who would benefit from the mantra of the day). Enter every day! --- Today's question: what's your favorite way to unwind and de-stress? Oddly enough, I love organizing my drawers ;)
Met at a #NYC party tonight... "Aging is IN". ~Debra Rapoport. Hatmaker, jewelry artist and role model. advanced GO NOW ...& be inspired!! #CropVideoSquareDon't forget it! #inspirationalquotesCafe Bunn Mi #foodieA lot of my girls were asking about this hair and how I achieved these waves. All I did was take a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and curl sections of hair (about 1 in.) outward and pin them. I did this to my entire hair and then I let thrm set for 15 min and voilà! PS: new videos every Monday and Friday on my channel! Link in bio :) Happy Sunday beautiful ladies ❤️ (and germs ☺️)
Fence hopping eleven year oldSleeping angel keeping warm in NY❄️⛄️sweater weather ☁️Holiday Dress Ideas for Christmas & New Years is now up on the Beauty Channel!  Search Kayleigh Noelle on Youtube to find me or go directly to  Happy Holidays!!  #christmas #newyearsRepost.FAMILY. axe. 2014 Last Supper. #real crew
& it begins...  #StarksTakeLAFrom my window #sunset #LA #california #home #iloveLA❄️❄️so much yesThe more that you read, the more things you'll know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go. (I was so beyond elated that this 'take 1 leave 1' was a real thing that I had to snap a pic to remember to go back ☺️)