We traveled lightly  who can guess which bags are mine?Alright then! #instagramme #sign #pubsignThis bitch tried to grab my hair today. Lol.Favourite day time scent combo at the moment. #jomaloneEcclesiastes 4:9-10 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.
Review of these @joefresh Long Wear Liquid Lipsticks is up on the YouTube!!!! "a shelf without me is like a heart without beats." —@miikopanda  #miikothecatLunch after a meeting!pretty trees pretty clouds pretty sky pretty lightsINSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY TIME!! ☺️ Myself @shaaanxo and @staceybmuax bought loads of limited edition #macsimpsons makeup for YOU!!  There will be two packs of makeup to be won (items in picture will be split) by two lucky people!  All you have to do is repost this image under the hashtag #paintedlipsxo and follow both of us @shaaanxo and @staceybmuax ❤️ giveaway closes Thursday 12th March  open worldwide
Somebody is getting three jabs today... #babybubz #isaacngCheck out these Beautiful #Nails by @nailsbyly #nailart TAG a Friend!THE @itsjudytime used the Say Lash Curler in Golden Goddess in her latest video! So honored! ♥️ Yaaay thank you again Judy!  Watch the video to see it guys! Another beautiful look by Judy! For PHILIPPINE customers, we have Pink and Purple Lash Curlers on stock. (gold is phased out) To order, simply text 09179870285 :) Thank you!!! #itsjudystime #sayeyelashcurlercraving cuddlesAudreeeey forever  #AudreyHepburn #BingBangBabe #BingBangInspo #Muse #Beauty #StyleIcon
Buenas noches  Nos vemos mañana por aquí con otro OOTD Horse concernsAgora sim, CHEGAMOS!!! hahahaha  #EUNOTREETREK#momobear is not really a cuddler so I had to capture the moment. Uncle @dohboi_ was there when we picked Moes up from the airport so they go WAAAY back. I gotta get this dude groomed soon. Momo, not doozy to clarify. #chowchowI've been nursing Isaac for 6 months! Yay!! I remember wondering how I would even last one month. Nursing was tricky to start with but once we got it, it got a lot faster and easier than preparing and washing bottles. Now he has become a boob snob. What to do eh? Currently wondering how to wean him into a bottle soon. By the way, I just want to stress that it's ok if you formula feed. I turned out fine! I've met mothers who are riddled with guilt because they couldn't nurse their babies. Feeding them is just one of the aspects of being a mother. You can nurture them with love in so many ways too. Don't be hard on yourself. I've seen mummies take better care of their children after switching to formula because the stress was affecting them physically and mentally. It's ok. Don't let people put you down. I know I get my fair share of people telling me what I should and shouldn't do. I just focus on doing the best that I can. #gomummies